(Photo taken by a child far too young to be holding my camera)


Hey There!

My name is Chris Tombrella. I’m a Colorado based photographer living in Denver. My work is inspired by the idea of storytelling, and photojournalism. I enjoy letting my photos breathe with no concrete direction. Erasing myself as much I can from the equation. I specialize in weddings, and couples, but have done business and editorial work as well. I don't get paid hourly. Once we both feel comfortable with the photos that have been taken, im finished. I’m willing to travel anywhere, and actually prefer it that way! If you feel like we would be a good fit, Great! Please contact me. If you are on the fence, Great! Please contact me. I would love to meet you, and find out if I may fit your photography needs. Thank you!

Random Facts about Chris

  • 90% of your wedding/engagement shoot will be completely candid.

  • Has a fear of the underbelly of mushrooms.

  • Sold his entire Nintendo collection for his first Camera.

  • Shoots for four different Magazines in the greater Denver area.

  • At 7 years old his heart stopped beating for 2 min.

  • Was part of a touring band for 8 years

  • Did my first payed photography gig for $11.00

  • Grew up on a little island off the coast of Texas

  • Official photographer for the Boulder Symphony

  • Addicted to Audible